Applying to EPIK

We know there are countless pages out there for how to apply, how to get background checks, and the like. So heres our list of our favorite resources which we found most helpful through the process.

Applying to EPIK

Keep in mind many of these resources are specific to the application process within the USA from 2013-14. Some things change over time and are different by country.

How much does it cost to apply to EPIK?

How to Have a Flawless EPIK Application – a brief overview

Step 1: Decide to apply with a recruiter or apply direct.

The Recruiter Process

Recruiters we’ve worked with

Step 2: Get Letters of Recommendation and fill out the Application

Letters of Recommendation

Ideas for the Lesson Plan and Essay

Step 3: Get Fingerprinted and begin collecting documents

Fingerprinting and Background Check

Worst Case Scenario – Fingerprints/Background Check

Getting Something Apostilled in the US

Step 4: Interview with EPIK

I’ve been granted an interview with EPIK, now what?

Rejected – ideas

If you’re rejected from/ineligible for EPIK

Other Korean Options besides EPIK

Accepted- now what?


Wait for Placement, get placed. Wait.

Learning Korean – resources

Read other people’s blogs and get excited


Waiting productively – preparing closet and considering immunizations. Very basic hangul.

If you’re wait-listed, here are some ideas of what’s happening based on the past intakes.

Step 5: Apply for Residency Tax Certificate

How to get your residency tax certificate – applicable to Americans only

Step 6: Apply for a Visa

A Note on DHL – if your NOA is sent through DHL, this is a possibility.

Visa process in San Francisco’s Consulate

Step 7: Book a Flight and Packing

Booking a flight early?

Bringing Electronics to Korea

Step 8: Orientation

Our orientation experiences:

Arrival and Dorms

The First Day

Medical Checkups

Lectures and Taekwondo

Field Trip

More Lectures 

15 Minute Lesson Plan Demo

Step 9: Placement

Assuming you passed your drug tests and didn’t completely bugger everything up you are done with orientation and you will receive your placement. Some people may have learned their placements during orientation – this happens every time. Also, when names are released the teacher who is leaving will sometimes try to contact you via Facebook (don’t forget to check your “other” inbox and consider lowering your security just for a few days). Consider that they are leaving, and may say negative or disheartening things so take anything they say with stride.

Step 10: Begin Your New Life

Orientation will end, you will be bussed to your city and from there … anything can happen. What usually happens, though, is you meet your co-teachers, they may show you your school, you’ll see your apartment and suddenly you’re all alone in a new home in a new country.


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