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Screen shot 2013-07-14 at 6.18.57 PMSome of our favorites


People Who had/are having a bad time

We include these people because they prove it’s not always hagwons that lead to a bad time. Many blogs/people who go through EPIK either love or hate it. These people hate it constantly and sometimes it’s worth reading to learn from them, their mistakes – or to learn what kind of problems we could all possibly face.

Eat Your Kimchi

Website – Youtube – Flickr –Tumblr –Studio Tumblr

Other Nice Blogs/Websites

The Waygook Effect
Korean Wiki Learn Hangeul
Talk to Me in Korean  -awesome for learning Korean
Learn Korean Flashcards – tumblr
Dave’s ESL Cafe -often negative rants and posting but also has job postings and can have helpful advice
Beyond Kimchee Cooking
Korean Animal Rescue Where to adopt, foster or volunteer
Eat Your Lunchee – Rating and photographing middle school SoKo lunches
Pictures of Places within Korea – tumblr, searchable by location
Clean Seoul – cleaning and safety tips for Korea
Arrival Store – ship Western things you need to your apartment
G-Mart – like a Korean Amazon for all sorts of things

List of Blog Rolls:
List of 211 Blogs – not updated so many people have been home for years.
Korvia’s Blog Roll
Educonus Blog Roll 

Don’t forget you can search blogs directly on google, so if you want something specific “why my hagwon doesn’t suck” “EPIK” “EPIK apartment”


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