We’re Off

We’re leaving for Guam tonight for almost 2 weeks for a much needed vacation. The heat, humidity, culture, students, coworkers, summer camp, food, smells, culture, air quality, neighbors, people, culture, routine, and culture have been on our nerves terribly  so we’re excited to go to a tiny 30 miles by 9 mile American territory island. There will still be heat and humidity but at least we can take a break from everyone’s selfish bullshit attitudes. We’re excited to watch the Olympics in English, eat some crazy American foods (poptarts and crazy breakfast cereals are on that list) and hike, beach, hotel, hike, beach, hotel, read a book in the hotel, go hiking, sit on the beach. Eat a poptart. Hike.

After this vacation we’ll have an agonizingly long 6 months to go. We’re trying to plan some fun things we can try/taste/experience and blog about because we want to. We have already done some sweet chips and iced tea but have yet to put those experiences into coherent words for our YNKUWT. For what it’s worth we found a face mask that said it was made of “Horse Oil” so we’ll be trying that when we get back as well as blogging/posting pictures of whatever nonsense we get into in Guam.


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