And Now for Something Completely Different…

It’s no real surprise that we don’t blog anymore. It comes down to a few things.

  1. We’ve been here for over two years. Nothing new is going on.
  2. We’re preventing new things from going on. Taking an hour taxi to get on a three hour train to get to some “special” town that’s not all that different than all the other “special” things is not appealing to us. Traveling around Korea isn’t rewarding to us. It’s more comfortable to do things closer to home.
  3. We’re vaguely unhappy. We don’t think we should blog about some of the things we are annoyed by.
  4.  We feel that, and can confirm, that some of the things we say on this blog are judged by either family or strangers. Knowing this makes us feel that we have to give a long backstory to everything we do. Why don’t you like when people stare at your crotch  {this happens a lot}Well you see the thing about that is that it makes me feel uncomfortable. Why don’t you like it when old Korean ladies shove you? What you have to understand about culture is…

If you think us being annoyed or unhappy with petty things isn’t good/open minded/whatever then come walk 3 years in our shoes and see how you like it.

Finally, some people just don’t like stuff. Some people don’t like celery, do you need them to explain why? We don’t like Korean xenophobia, do we need to explain why? If we did we would probably be labeled as racists or xenophobic ourselves. So we’ll just say: some things that Koreans do are annoying. Some things Americans do are annoying. EVERYONE is annoying.

Every blog starts with us talking about something. That thing is usually 40% annoying. But we hone in on that annoying thing because of our nature. Then we have to explain a backstory as to why it is annoying. And nothing is more lengthy than having to justify an opinion. Then after the blog post is written we proofread it and figure it’s too negative or too long.  So we delete it and never post it.  We’ve done this almost hundreds of times. No exaggeration, we had around 75 draft posts that were fully written then not posted for whatever reason. And now they’re super outdated so they can’t and won’t ever be posted.

We have about 230 days until our contract ends and we’re on the fence. We don’t like many things and can’t wait to get away. But at the same time we’re comfortable being here. All our stuff is here. Our adult lives properly started here with figuring out real estate, banking, loans, taxes and all that jazz but in a foreign language and country. 

So we’re wishy washy. Excited to get the heck out but terrified and saddened. We’ll miss many things.

Like we said, we don’t travel around in Korea because it’s infuriating, it’s all pretty much the same, and it’s expensive not going to justify it. We just don’t like it right now.  But we still like to do new and interesting things. So we’ve combined some of our favorite things – trying new things, not taking hour long journeys to nowhere, blogging for our own memories, blogging because you guys enjoy it, and just spending time together… We want to do new things while we still can. So we’re going to buy all kinds of crazy Korean things you can only find in Korea and try them out.

We’ll try our best to explain what it is, how it tastes, how expensive it is. If there is a necessary back story it will be told. It’s not a story of our daily lives but it’s introducing more about the cool stuff that’s around us. Stuff you guys have probably never thought could exist- corn ice cream, hawthorn and rice alcohol, strawberry shrimp chips, black-face face wash, bamboo salt toothpaste, rice donuts, and more.

These things make up the cool part of Korea that we have started to take for granted. Soon we won’t be able to experience these things in just under 300 days. Trying things out and blogging about it gives us a chance to explore more, create some new memories, and make  make some blogs again.

Thoughts and Criteria:

  1. We’re obviously not sitting down and eating thirty 400+ calorie ramens in one sitting. Some of the posts will take more time because we’re doing them over time
  2. We aren’t going to like everything. If it’s negative it’s probably because that food/thing was awful.
  3. For moral reasons  we won’t be trying live baby octopus (again) or dog meat (never have never will). That’s just not how we roll.
  4. Yes it’s a bit of a taste test thing. If you don’t find it interesting just skim it or ignore it. We will try to write them in an interesting manner.

So starting this week we’ll post our very first try-some-thing-and-blog-about-it  which we have titled “You’ll Never Know Until We Try” YNKUWT. We tried some traditional Korean alcohols and let me tell you I can still taste the hawthorn. Which until recently I didn’t even know was something edible.


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