The Great Germany Vacation

It took us a long time to decide where to go for our longest vacation of the year (our winter vacation time). We had actually been talking about it for about 4 months and intermittently planning it the whole time. We considered:

  • going back to the US again
  • going to Australia or New Zealand but not both
  • seeing somewhere new in Asia
  • going back to Germany or seeing something new in Europe

What we figured was:

  • the US has our family but nothing else to see or do. The last trip was an utter disaster that lead to more stress and a hard readjustment period back in Korea. We also felt that we would really make people sad if we didn’t.
    • Small edit here: glad we didn’t go back, seems like it would’ve been about the same.
  • Australia and New Zealand are very, very far away. You would think we would be closer from Korea but it hardly mattered if we visited these places from here or from Colorado. Also it’s summer there and they had a very hot one.
  • We’re pretty damn tired of Asia.
  • Europe is cold/expensive and what about the terrorism!!!????? (basically everyone asked us this).

But what about the terrorism in the US or Asia where we were thinking of going? The US has a much higher rate of incidents than Germany and the places we were considering in Asia were dangerous as well. Heck, even staying put was dangerous with North Korea doing nuclear testing during this time.

We chose Germany because we wanted the familiarity of it and we missed it. Sometime after Korea we could be heading back there to try to set down some roots, it made sense to revisit it on a vacation and see if it’s still a place we know and love.

We went to many of our old stomping grounds, Karlsruhe, Oldenburg, Bremen, and Berlin. We could divide each blog post into each individual place but we thought we would divide it into 4 other categories

  • What we saw
  • What we learned
  • What’s changed (and addressing what people seem to think of as the Migration-pocalypse)
  • The Proposal

We’re going to start with the Proposal one because it’s probably the most interesting and exciting for everyone.


2 thoughts on “The Great Germany Vacation”

  1. Wait, wait, wait. There’s nothing to do in the US or nothing to do in Colorado and Texas because you’ve been there done that? Just curious.

    1. Germany is a bit of “been there done that” too isn’t it? But, going to Texas or Colorado isn’t a vacation, it’s going home. Besides, if we had wanted to visit our families we would have needed our own car AND a ton more money and time than we had. At best we would have visited a couple of people. We will just be going back to the US eventually anyways, so why not take this time and go do what we want?

      And anyways, if we had been in the US I would not have been able to do the proposal the way I wanted. I was excited to have the opportunity to propose in our favorite city, and I can not think of anything in Texas or Colorado that could have compared. Mountains and lakes are pretty yes, maybe we will have our wedding next to one of those, but it would still not have been what I wanted.

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