A Clean-ish Bill of Health

On Monday I went back to the hospital. I had blood-work done and got another x-ray. My lungs look more or less the same – a little more black which is important. For those who don’t know pneumonia is a bacterial/viral (or even caused by foreign objects) infection where the air sacs in your lungs fill with pus/liquid. This makes your lungs appear whitish when you want them to be black.

The blood work was important to make sure my body wasn’t becoming a giant infection and everything would be fighting everything else ultimately causing death. I explained this to my co-teacher who just gave me a thumbs up and said optimistically “This will not happen!”

She was right. The doctor pointed at my infection levels. I shouldn’t be higher than .5 and I was .67 – not horrible but not great.Pneumonia is the definition of an infection so of course my infection levels were still pretty high

He decided I would be done with my antibiotics but would take cough medicine and some other random medicines for another 2 weeks. Yummy.

On the way out I had to buy a doctors note. That’s right – I had to purchase a $13 note that said I was sick and that I went to the hospital. I would present this to my school to make sure my sick days were counted. This is idiotic because my coteacher went with me to the hospital – she knows I’m sick and knows that I went to the hospital. Common sense dictates how unnecessary a note is when she has been with me throughout the whole experience. $13 isn’t that much until you remember my doctor’s consultation cost only $6. The note has been one of the more expensive things I’ve paid for so far. More than the x-ray. Mostly I’m just tired of Korean bureaucracy with sick days and our upcoming renewals.


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