Changes in the Plan

As most of you know, with the budget cuts last year we aren’t sure where we’re going to be in next year. Either we find out in December that we lose our jobs in February (not giving us enough time to figure things out) or we are renewed.

The smart idea was for us to get our teachers licenses online. If we lose our jobs in December then we would, at least, be more competitive and could find better positions faster.

So this was the plan. And it felt good because it offered a lot of security.

Except it isn’t exactly what we wanted or needed. Firstly, the program was a little expensive. We were paying about $1200 a month on top of trying to finish paying student loans. It has been leaving us with not very much money to live off of.

With the program as expensive as it is, come December, if we lost our jobs we wouldn’t even have had enough money to buy a plane ticket out of Korea.

Thirdly, the program felt like a scam. It is a refutable business backed by a university but it felt unprepared and cheapened. We got cut and copy feedback from teachers. We were given strange assignments that were just busy work. One of the textbooks actually had grammar and syntax errors in it. At one point I had the sickening realization that I wouldn’t want any child of mine learning from a teacher that went through this program. And that’s definitely a sign to get out.

The program was hyper focused on teaching the Common Core and it was sickening. All it was was how wonderful and fantastic the Common Core was. We focused only on how to teach to standards. How to read and understand the standards. How to plan for the standards. How to test on standards. Every other word was “standard” or “Common Core.”

We will never teach in America. What we wanted was to learn how to be teachers. Class management, learning theories, special populations, lesson planning, etc. Not Common Core, Common Core, Common Core.

Finally: we aren’t sure we want to be teachers.  It sounds great on paper. It sounds great because it doesn’t leave us jobless and essentially homeless if the budget cut happens. It sounds great because its a respected position. But we don’t know 100% if that’s what we want or need in life.

So we have dropped the program until September. If we choose to we can join back up and could be licensed teachers sometime in June 2016. However I don’t think it’s likely. If we ever were to become licensed teachers it won’t be with that program.

I’m sure at least a few of you are disappointed that we have “given up” on a good thing. I’m sure even more of you will be slightly disappointed when we tell you the new plan is to travel. Its the best, most twentysomething plan we could possibly have.

Save money. Lose our jobs eventually (either in February 2016 or quit in February 2017). And then just go. Maybe we’ll try to circumnavigate the earth without airplanes. Maybe we’ll be professional house sitters and just bounce from house to house, country to country. Maybe we’ll volunteer with WWOOF and just work on farms around the world in exchange for room and board. I wouldn’t protest to working on a dairy farm or picking veggies after living in this concrete jungle for so long.

So that’s the plan. Life changes. Things happen. Whatever.



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