Well Okay Then

A long time ago I took the time to translate my whole school calendar and see what days I should know about. One of the days that really stood out was this current week. The school anniversary was on Monday, then Children’s Day (holiday) was on Tuesday. The rest of the days were off because of “school discretion.” In other words, we had a whole week off of school. This seemed amazing. Chris, of course, didn’t have the same days off.

I worked closely with my coteacher to make sure I had the week off – my vacation was approved by the principal and it would be a paid vacation (to my surprise). It would not effect my vacation days.

Initially I thought some people should/could visit me during this week. Over time I thought better of it – it was a long plane ride just to hang out here for a week. Also, the stress of how stupid this year has been was unsettling and I just wanted to rest and try to feel better.

Chris and I had Monday and Tuesday off at least. So we planned to hang out those days (more on that in another blog). Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I would have the days off and would just hang out at home and relax.

I was really looking forward to this. I was going to clean the house, do some taxes, play video games and read books.

Let me reiterate that I was really, really looking forward to just some alone time and to just relax. School has really stressed me out this year – in preparation for this amazing week of relaxation I worked hard trying to lesson plan and get everything ready for the week I returned.

So given how excited I was to mentally recuperate for 3 days … I think you can guess what happened.

At 11:30 pm on Tuesday night Chris got a text from my coteacher saying “please check your facebook messages about work tomorrow. It’s an emergency.”

I already knew what it said. I went to sleep and tried to ignore it. At 7 am I checked the messages and my feelings were confirmed – my vacation had been taken away. Angry texts were sent and a phone call was made. There was nothing anyone could do. Even unpaid leave was impossible because it was “too late of notice.” Oh.

This is the kind of bullshit that has represented this year for me. Last year Chris was pretty miserable at his school. It’s not easy being a first year teacher. Yet I felt like I coasted through it. I liked my students and I enjoyed my job. This year Chris is contented and I’m miserable. My school feels like an entirely different school with new people I don’t like and rude students.

My co-teacher was as nice as possible in the texts. Upon making it to school another coteacher came to apologize and show me the document that ruined everything. Then she even brought me to the principal to make sure he saw my physical presence (no one can say I didn’t just lie and stay at home). When she explained what happened he was genuinely sorry and even face-palmed at the ridiculousness of it all.

So now here I sit at school. There are no students and no reason for me to be here. I worked hard to make sure I wouldn’t have any work to do this week so I don’t have any work. I am just here to sit. I have to keep this desk warm for the next two days even though there will only be 3 people in the whole school.


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