The New Apartment

For those who don’t know we moved from our school-provided apartment to an apartment that is actually cheaper than our old one. It’s only a little smaller (on the inside, the new one has a balcony which makes our total space bigger than the old one). The building is 3 or 4 years older than the other one, which could make it cheaper, too. We’re happy because it has more windows yet more privacy. It’s also bigger where it counts (the kitchen!).

So instead of the schools paying our rent and us living under them, we took their housing stipend and actually found a better place. We’re pocketing $100 a month and we’re saving about $40 on cheaper utilities. Can’t go too wrong.

The view when you walk in the door:



The kitchen. It’s bigger and has a lot more cabinet space.



Just behind the counter we have a coffee and tea bar. Our old headboard is now a shelf for coffee and coffee accessories.




Our living room DSC03127


Looking upstairs. Chris is for scale – we have some really steep stairs.



Upstairs: we have quite a bit of closet space. Probably more than the old apartment.





The only problem upstairs is that Chris can’t stand up completely. I can stand up just perfectly. In fact, did you know you’re taller in the morning? Your spine has a chance to relax and you can get taller – gravity throughout the day pushes your body back down. So I actually can’t stand up first thing in the morning. Something I learned the hard way. But by the end of the day I can walk upstairs without hitting my head on anything. Poor Chris can’t stand up ever.



The view of the rest of the house from the top. The office and the living room. At the top of the photo is our drying room/green house. (Everyone asks about the big red thing – its the air conditioning)


Floor to ceiling glass windows on both sides creates a lovely warm green house/drying area. Also there’s loads of storage (for our suitcases).



And here’s the lovely balcony. It’s completely private and is the only one in the building that has a wooden deck and garden. Everyone else just has a concrete plot



We’ve been working on the garden every weekend but we only just started having warm weather. So it’s a huge work in progress. The white thing is a clothes rack someone left on the balcony – it was water damaged and full of spiders so there was no way it was going inside. It became a sort of mini-tool shed.

Does anyone know the flowers (??) in the lower right hand corner? It’s some kind of bulb but I’ve never seen the white tipped leaves before? Is it even a flower?



Colorado state flower and the new little hedge-fence thingie we made today. What’s the fence made out of? Actually a broken deck-umbrella and some twine. We think it looks cool.



One last view of the balcony. We’re keeping our bikes up here for the time being.



The view from the balcony of the town:



We’ll definitely post more about how cool the building is and how the garden turns out. For now I know we haven’t posted much and thought you would want to see the new apartment.


2 thoughts on “The New Apartment”

  1. Wow, Kaeti and Chris, it looks great! It does seem much larger with that balcony. I love the pic of Chris in the bedroom! Please keep us posted on your garden, it’s lovely! Take care, love, Liz

  2. Nice apartment!! Love that there’s a Columbine in your garden. I think the plant you are asking about is a hosta. A shade lover that will get a tall flower on it. Sure enjoy your blog.

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