Birthday, Tortillas, an Apple, and Camp Shopping

December has been busy. Rather than everything getting its own post – here’s a dump of everything we’ve forgotten to blog about/things we’re generally excited about.

Chris’s Birthday

I actually recruited the help of the PE staff in my school to help me find a jersey for Chris. None were in his size and then the one I found was sold out so it wasn’t meant to be. In a last ditch effort to give Chris something for his birthday I got:


Beer. Not a huge surprise.

They’re all imported so it’s not a bad gift.

Also he got some socks (so lame!) and I painted a piggy bank to look like Boba Fett


Instead of a cake we got a brownie cheesecake from a bakery



We discovered that we could make tortillas. I know, I know – that’s not something you can discover.

We bought a really strange block of vegetable oil that could have been lard – we didn’t know. Either way we realized what it could be used for:


Better than any tortillas I’ve ever had in America. Nearly par with the ones from Mexico.

Or maybe it’s been so long we don’t remember what tortillas should taste like.

An Apple for The Teacher

The cliche finally happened!


Chris had “Apple Day” at his school. A few weeks later we did too. Both of us got big apples – as big as your face and a sweet note. Chris kept his on his desk, but here’s mine:

DSC00934It’s a little blurry, it says “To: Kaeti. Hi! I’m Yujin Kwon from 1st grade. The first time I saw you I was so excited about the English classes we were going to do. I hope you stay here until I graduate! Luv u. *Sorry for my handwriting.”

Each teacher got an apple from … someone. Maybe it had to be from a 1st grade student, I don’t know. A bunch of third grade boys were roaming all over the school handing them out to all the teachers.

Camp Shopping

Andrew and I have $900 to spend on 40 students and if we don’t use it, we lose it. Also, given all the budget cuts, I think this could be the last hurrah for fun camps. Next year might just be paper and dried up markers.

For the winter camp we’re going to re-design the school, have an egg drop, compare fairy tales to the Puss in Boots movie, and finally have a bake-off.

The budget is wonky because we need lots of baking goodies. I don’t know anything about the metric system and Andrew doesn’t know anything about baking. Together we’re a mess.

“Kaeti, the powdered sugar only comes in 150 grams, is that enough?”


It’s the world’s most typical math problem

“You are having an English Winter Camp and want to bake cookies with 40 students. If the students are divided into 5 groups and each group will make a dozen cookies.  Will 1 kg of powdered sugar be enough? Please show your work.”


Meanwhile we need food coloring. Some countries use powdered coloring while others use liquid coloring Andrews first question is: “It’s safe to eat!?” Ignoring the studies that have suggested a link to learning disabilities… yessss? A few hours later he shows me some slivered almonds “Do you think these will work?” I want to give the students as much fun decorations as the budget will allow

“Oh yeah, those seem great.”

“They’ll work to give it color?”

“No…. no it will not.”

Andrew persevered and pretty soon he was showing me a package of bright orange powder.

“It’s pumpkin”

Like the color? How some people say something is “pumpkin” when they mean orange or that it’s “Sea Foam” not really teal.

“Is it flavored?”

“I don’t know, but it’s colored”

We ended up with grape, pumpkin and green tea.* Should be exciting!

*a few days later we found proper food coloring – but we’re getting both so we should have some pretty and interestingly flavored baked goods


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