We finally got the word that we’re more or less renewed next year. We have to sign the official papers on the 12th of December so that’s when it will be completely said and done.

They were supposed to tell us on Tuesday but they didn’t (of course they didn’t). So we had to wait another day. Thus delaying plane tickets even more… and it’s obnoxious to have to wait and worry when all the budget cuts are cutting cities left and right.

Now we have to go get medical check-ups, drug tests and AIDS screenings – something they threatened “will take over 2 weeks to process!” Which means we almost certainly won’t have it finished in time because they only told us yesterday, 2 weeks until it’s due.

Everyone asked for me to post something when we heard the word. Of course we’re happy we’re renewed, just annoyed with how nightmarish bureaucracy is in a country of last-minute-ness.


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