The Renewal Process Begins


I came back from lunch to find not only an application for renewal but also a little pastry. My co-teacher is always so friendly.

This application doesn’t mean anything yet. Everyone got one of these sheets – even if their school absolutely hates them. Everyone has to fill this out to show their intentions. From there, you submit the form in secret to your school. It’s none of their business what you said on this. That’s nice because it’s really the only time our opinion will be noted. From here it will be up to the school, co-teachers and metropolitan office of education.

So what are we doing? Absolutely staying (if we can). We worked for over a year on paperwork just to get here. to be Staying for only one year would be foolish. We only just got settled in, we have some great students, wonderful school, a great apartment. Things are comfortable. I don’t know where else we could go or what else we could do. We have big plans for next year (still not saying what those are until we get it truly finalized). Plus, we have lesson plans made and we understand the routine and rules.

The renewal paper isn’t due until next week. The principal, vice principal and all of our co-teachers will review us and decide if we stay. On the 25th we’ll know if we have been approved by our schools.

We have to pass on many different aspects. Health, written English on the board, demeanor towards students, creativity and planning, etc.

We have to score at least an 80% on all the questions but individual ones cannot be lower than 5 (out of 10).

The next few weeks will be judgement weeks. Literally.

Someone made a comment about how I must hate Korean food and thus Koreans because I lost some weight. Well, I thought, there goes my health-score.

I yell at some students because they left the room a mess, “No. Go back and push in the chairs and clean up the trash!” Shoot, there goes my “warmth and open demeanor towards students” points

I couldn’t spell badminton correctly because I’ve never spelled that word in my life (I’m not actually sure I know what it is -is that the thing people play in backyards with the little basket-shaped ball?) – goodbye general English ability. Why does it have a N in it? Bad mitton. Bad min ton.

I’m mostly kidding. Mostly.

It’s little stuff, though… I haven’t had an open class since the one in March. I’m almost certain that any minute now I’ll have one scheduled and/or will walk in to find a surprise one.

Lastly, there are some crazy budget cuts that have been absolutely shutting down the EPIK system around the country (Incheon, possibly Seoul, beginning in Daegu and Busan). So far we’re safe in Daejeon (probably) but this time next year could be all kinds of crazy. I’m a worrier by nature so I’m excited for November 25th to have some job security again. At least for a year.



One thought on “The Renewal Process Begins”

  1. I’m sure you and Chris are both shoe-ins! I’m a worrier too Kaeti, so I can imaging the next
    few weeks will be tense for you. Hang in there and think positive! I see at least another year
    in Korea for you guys!

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