Japan Trip: Heading Back Home and Random Pictures

We woke up really early on Sunday to take a train to Fukuoka then board a hydrofoil ferry back to Busan. From there we would train back to Daejeon. All in all it took us almost 9 hours of continuous travel to make it back.

Before leaving for Japan we were very much aware of a typhoon (aka hurricane but not really) heading right for us on around Sunday. We were not going to cancel our trip because of a typhoon that may or may not hit our area. But on Sunday it became quite clear it had hit us.

As we stood in the ferry terminal with “The ferry might return” “2.5 meter shakes” written in English, we wondered

a) what the hell that meant and

b) were we going to make it back to Korea in time to start teaching tomorrow??

(later, a few times, I also wondered c) was everything going to be okay?)

how a ferry hydrofoil works

“The ferry might return” was a loose translation that the 8 foot waves could effect the boat.

Somehow it wasn’t delayed or cancelled. After paying a tax for using the ferry port (??) we had to buy lunch real fast or not eat for another 3 hours. Somehow, someway we bought soup-flavored chips and a pastel green melon-cream soda. It was delicious at the time, but for the next 3 hours I wondered what that was going to look like when it came back up. Almost everyone was a teensy bit sea sick. I never get sea sick but it was rough. Also, we were on a hydrofoil ferry. It was theoretically skimming along the top of the waves, but massive waves like that aren’t exactly skim-over-able. So some times a wave would strike the side and the ferry would shake as much as a plane does when it lands rough. Not my favorite thing.

To make it worse the movie playing was a super sad dog movie. It was miserable. I’m kidding. Mostly it was really rocky and the waves smashing the side was startling. I just read Harry Potter and hoped nothing stupid would happen.

Here are three pictures that didn’t make it into the other posts for some reason:

Don’t Cat Cat repellent
McDonalds was advertising an all black hamburger that we had to try, little known fact they have an all white one too. Pretty strange. Wouldn’t recommend

Lastly, I forgot to show the pine forest. The trees are all bent a little from the intense winds.



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