It’s a Small World

When I was in Ghana, I met someone from Colorado. A random white guy was stuck in a taxi at a red light. We yelled at each other – hey, great to see another obruni (white person) blah, blah. “Hey, where you from?” the light turned and the taxi started rolling away, “Colorado” I shout. “Me to” but then he was gone.

The world is small sometimes.

There’s a really nice woman who lives in our apartment complex. She has two dogs who are always so sweet and very well groomed. Koreans are often scared of dogs so the pups never get random pets on the street. But we often share the elevator up with her and both Chris and I are crouched down doting over the dogs. She’s just “the dog lady” to us and we’re probably the “Two waygookin who always pet my dogs.” But we’ve been talking with her a lot more. She just moved back from the United States – from Salt Lake City. Her english is excellent but the elevator rides are short. So we never get too much information each time.

For whatever it’s worth, today we learned that she has been to Durango. She thought it was very beautiful and she and her husband rode the train.

It’s not a huge thing, but what are the odds? A Korean that would talk to us (low chances), a Korean who’s been to Colorado (very low) but one who will talk to us and who’s been to Durango?


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