Wait, so where are you going?

Some of you got it and others were maybe confused by our post. Where are we going for vacation? It’s obviously in Asia but what’s with all the Rolls Royces and super high population density? English, tea and high IQs?

The answer – Hong Kong.

The flight and hotel are all in place and we’ll be leaving for Hong Kong in about a month.

It was pretty difficult to pick, we liked the Philippines and of course the very obvious choice, Japan (which is only about 45 minutes away by plane). But for some reason we picked Hong Kong, the city, the beaches, forests, dim sum and yes, Disneyland were all calling to us. We’re pretty excited for it which is interesting because we’ve never expressed any interest in it (or China) at all before. On our list of countries we want to go, it never made it … at all.

But now, somehow we’ll be spending a whopping 10 days there. For some reason this time surprises our Korean coworkers who can’t believe we will be there that long. It’s a pretty small place but 10 days should be relaxing for  hikes; day trips to beaches; and to Chris’s dismay possibly Disneyland. My birthday will fall on one of these days so …. who knows. (I’ve heard it called the “Disneyland Circuit” to visit all the Disneyworlds in the world. Something I feel I must do).

Also Macau is nearby which could be a great day trip as well.

What has us confused – where exactly we’re going. We like to keep a strict tally of all the countries we’ve been to (*cough cough* 15 together) and we’re not sure where Hong Kong and/or Macau will fit into this. They’re technically China but they’re pretty self governing and we’ll be getting different passport stamps … so it will be hard to say when we get back from the trip if we’ve seen one or two countries.

If you’re asking yourself:

1) So Hong Kong isn’t a country?

2) What’s there to do/see in Hong Kong?

Then here are two videos for your viewing pleasure:

Is Hong Kong a country?

What’s there to do?



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