Three Month Dump

We’ve been blogging intermittently and sometimes forget to mention cool stuff we’ve done. Sometimes we take a picture and it never makes it up here because it doesn’t fit into anything. So here are some things we did over the past few months that never made it up.


Twice now we’ve walked at mountains with the intent to just hike right up. Twice now it’s worked. Once we kinda started walking through someone’s farm and a Korean woman lead us to the proper trail head. The other time we just got lucky.

Just us and the Yellow Dust 
Not such a spectacular view



Abandoned fire watch tower??
Trying the exercise equipment on the top of the mountain


Biking to the Dam

We hopped on our bikes one day and next thing we knew we were 7 miles away at the Daecheon Dam.

The neighboring “town” of Sintanjin – I swear it is just 70 story buildings that make up this town.
The lake
View from the dam
America offers metal gazebos and destruction-proof picnic tables. These are what Koreas public picnic spots look like.


DSC01736 DSC01749



No, we didn’t go golfing. You know us better than that. We saw it from afar and had to come investigate.

It’s like a batting cage, driving range  combined with bowling technology. The whole thing is wrapped up in a net and the backside of it looks like a castle. You see a castle wrapped in a net from afar and you’re definitely going to come looking for answers.






You actually drive balls over the parking lot. They have nets suspended over cars but at an angle. The balls roll down into some gutter which is where bowling technology comes in. I’m pretty sure the balls are returned to the building.
To make the most of space it’s about 6 stories of driving. Amazing use of space.

Look at this drink:








Look good? Its some kind of tea with ridiculously heavy cream on top of it. You basically just buy it and pretend to drink it for the next twenty minutes but really you spend the whole time trying to stir the cream into it. It’s a conversation drink, really.

No, they weren’t punished.


I actually got a worse one than this – but I did get a chuckle out of this one. I don’t really care that much, it’s not like the paper was actually going to American students.

Breast Cancer Awareness

We have cable. Not sure why. But we turned it on one morning to see the Sunday morning news


To try to be sensitive to all audiences they put a full plastic breasts on a man and then took turns feeling for lumps.

Forgot your reading glasses?

This is something Germany did too that really REALLY needs to be introduced in America. Here they have reading glasses chained to the table (just like they chain the pens). In Germany they had giant magnifying glasses attached to the drug store shopping carts.



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