Suddenly, Bikes!

This weekend was a whirlwind. We have (notice the tense – it is not finished) a huge list of things we wanted to take care of – get new glasses, contacts, haircuts, etc. So we were walking around trying to find places to do that. We tried some glasses on for a while but didn’t take action.

We walked around some more the next day in search of a salon for me. In Germany I never had a haircut because it seems awfully scary. The rate of failure seems too high with the inability to communicate what I want/need.

So, like Germany, I gave up too soon and decided I wasn’t going to get a haircut (at least not today). Instead, somehow we decided we should go look at a bike for Chris. We almost bought roller blades last weekend but Chris’s feet are too big. So there was talk of him getting a bike and me getting roller blades.

We walk by a bike store every day when we go to school, so we went there. We were just going to look around until a friendly employee joined us. Like the furniture purchase, we used paper and pen to draw what we wanted. He actually ended up calling his English speaking friend on the phone because we got confused.

Next thing we know, Chris is getting a bike. And so am I apparently. Not sure how it happened, it just did. They were on sale and we thought it would be a better idea than roller blades. We got a good deal for buying them both and “service” (free) things were thrown in with our purchase – we each got a free water bottle cage, a light, a bell and a lock. Bike starter set if there ever was one.


Watching reality TV while they fix our bikes up.

While I was wearing a skirt, I stripped it off (I had leggings) so we could ride around. You can’t just buy a bike and then walk it home. You have to ride it.

Then a short ride home ended up being a couple mile bike ride along the river. We went home only because we didn’t have water.

On the way home we met a golden retriever.


We have only seen 2 goldens in Korea so far. One wasn’t allowed to come see us (his owner had him with voice commands and he was really torn between wanting to see us and following directions).

This one had no leash and was just hanging out in front of (poorly guarding?) his factory. He initially didn’t want to come over and see us because he didn’t understand us. The right tone was there “hey buddy! com’ere'” but he was too smart. He knew we were waygooks.

Until we said “annyeong!” which means just “hi”- his ears perked up and he came loafing over to get some lovings.





Here are the bikes if anyone was wondering:

Chris’s bike
Kaeti’s bike

So while we had a list of things to do/get this weekend, we, of course, did none of them and randomly purchased bikes instead. We’re happy with them and it all worked out so it’s all good.


One thought on “Suddenly, Bikes!”

  1. Hey!! Oh man. It took a lot of work and a lot of fun reading to catch up to where you are currently! I’m so excited for you and all your adventures! I bumped into your mom and Dave at ken and sues a few weeks ago, she told me about your blog and all that you’ve been doing! It’s all so great! I’m going to figure out how to subscribe to this! Can’t wait to hear more! (Oh cool there’s a button right there that asks if I want to be update via email. That was easy. Bam!)

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