Our Apartment

We still aren’t completely moved in or settled. Like our last post said, we only really now have the apartment basics we need. But there have been cries to see our apartment so we snapped some pics. Later, if (when) we get more furniture and when we put more decor up we’ll post more pictures. For now, here’s home:

Amazing drawing of the apartment.
Amazing drawing of the apartment.

When you first walk in the door you see this.

To the left is the shoe cupboard, behind it is the bathroom. Forward to the left is the living room.The right is the bedroom. Forward, the kitchen and dining room.

The entryway:

The shoe cupboard.

From the shoe cupboard area if you turn to the left you’ll hit the bathroom


Moving clockwise, the living room


With our super amazing sideways-bookshelf-entertainment-centerDSC00174

Leaving the living room moving clockwise:

Our video doorbell screen. When someone is out there ringing our bell we can see them. Also below is the ondol controls (thermostat).
Our video doorbell screen. When someone is out there ringing our bell we can see them. Below is the ondol control thing (thermostat).

DSC00151The table and our new microwave stand.

To the right is the entire kitchen, it’s not even 6 feet across. It has 2 electric burners, a sink, and a washing machine.



Our fridge and freezer, cleverly disguised as cabinets.

Inside: sauce, alcohol, water, eggs, drinks, more sauce, potatoes and apples. Not all that much.



We got a columbine flower for the table. They really aren’t supposed to go indoors and it’s not faring the best but it’s trying really hard and it’s really cool to have Colorado just sitting in a pot on our table.



Lastly, the bedroom. We originally had the bed where the living room is now – because there were windows. This room is completely windowless and it seemed like a cool cave for a living room. We thought we wanted to wake up with the sun and stuff but it was very bright even at night (everyone else’s lights). So now we have a cave bedroom.






We did not pick out the comforter. It was one of the few things provided for us by the school and it is all kinds of crazy patterns and colors. We want to get a different one but they’re a little pricy and hard to find one that isn’t flowery/insane.

We only recently put the flags and pictures up. There are surely more to follow.



So that’s it. I think we hit an apartment jackpot. Our schools both constantly ask if we’re happy here (we are). It is in a great location and it is a good size. It’s big but its great with the extra room – it would feel cramped to put the couch and TV in the kitchen. If anything, the kitchen/dining room area is too open but I’m certainly not complaining 🙂


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