What’s Chris Up To?

Meeting Co-Teachers

My co-teacher took me to the school first. The main parking area was under construction, so we had to drive around the block to find a place to park. We walked in and immediately ran into the principle. I guess he was on his way out of the building, so he shook my hand, said hello, and then left. Then I was taken into the main teachers office, introduced to the vice principal (who was very nice), and then chaos happened. Everyone walked out of the office, and I was told to sit in a chair. So I sat there, and listened to everyone running around in the halls. I thought that maybe they were getting something ready for me. But then everyone came back in and I was asked if I had a photo for my school ID. Then my co-teacher told me that I would be given a notebook. I know that in Korea,a notebook is a laptop, but I did not make the connection. So I was actually really surprised when I was given this laptop. It is very old, it dies after 40 minutes, and it is 90% in Korean.

So then we leave,and my co-teacher says that we are going to the apartment. We drive around, go the wrong building, drive some more… When we find the apartment we get to park in the women’s only parking. I asked why there is women’s only parking, but she did not know. So we go up to the apartment, look around, and then in comes Kaeti and her co-teacher.

So we visit for a bit, get our bags out of their cars, and then go to lunch with Andrew (Kaeti’s co-teacher).

The First Day of School

I walk in, take the elevator up to the 4th floor, and walk into my office. I have a desk all neatly laid out for me, and everyone says hello. Then we rush downstairs for a meeting, which I sit through having no idea what is actually going on. Then we go back. I meet another one of the English teachers who is also new to this school. She has ended up being my greatest help here. She made me a print out of my class schedule, and explained everything I needed to know about getting around the school.

Anyways, after we got back, our office got a call and the three new English teachers (me included) were sent downstairs. we walked into a broadcasting room. and then were directed into a room with all of the other new teachers and a video camera. The principle is making a speech, and then he calls our names and we bow. All of this happened on the T.Vs in each classroom. Then we walk back to the office, I learn that my first class is canceled. I go to my other first two classes. The first one was great. The co-teacher was awesome, and was prepared for when I ran out of stuff to talk about. The second class went worse, mainly because the co-teacher was a total ass. She would not do anything to help control the class. She would not prompt students to do anything, she just sat there reading the papers we got from the meeting. I was happy when it was over.

Then I came back, had lunch with my teacher buddies. and waited for my next class. Well, I was supposed to have three more classes, one was canceled. Great! I go to the second one. I walk in, set my stuff up, and wait. Then a teacher comes in, gets confused and tries to tell me something in Korean, gets a student to translate, and I find out that the class is also canceled. Ok,embarrassing, but great! Then I come back, ask about that, and get someone to make a call to see if my last and final class is canceled. Sure enough, it is. So I wait around for about 3 hours not doing anything. Then I find out that the school has planned a dinner. So I wait and wait, and then at 5 o’clock we all walk down the street to a restaurant. We grilled meat, I drank soju with some cool teacher friends, and it was fun.


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