Orientation – Medical Checkup

Today (written Feb 22nd) we had our medical checkup – a major condition of our employment. It was pretty intensive with vision, height, weight, colorblindness, blood test, urine test and a chest xray.

I essentially “failed” the vision test. They woke us up with another announcement saying we needed to bring glasses. Okay, I’ll bring my glasses – on my face. Because I didn’t want to just throw them in the case and bring them along for a ride. I might as well wear them.

We wait for almost an hour just watching everyone else do their tests and then finally get to go. First up was vision, I covered my eye and she was just pointing at a computer screen – I don’t see anything. Visibly annoyed she messes around with it a bunch and then points again. What? I don’t get it. What am I supposed to be seeing? Still she messes with it, I can see a shape but can’t tell what it was. She gets more and more and even more annoyed every time I can’t identify what I later learned was a number. Because after a while I’m like “G” “Z?” What?  No, those were 6 and 2.

Switch eyes. She just leaves it on the number that was already up, I tell her what it is (because I just saw it with my other eye). Now she’s really annoy and messes with the setting so it resets, I really can’t see it and she’s getting a pretty bad attitude about my eyesight. At this point that I pretty much just “drop” the eye cover and look at what the number is with both eyes. “Its a 6” Satisfied, she marks down a “bad score” and I get to move on.

Chris, of course, has 20/20 but his glasses are up to his prescription. Mine aren’t which is why I don’t wear my glasses, I was just following orders.

We do blood pressure, height, weight. Chest measurements which was a little strange. Then we have to do medical counseling, where a doctor – not all the nurse practitioners – looks at our documents to review, mock and question us. Mock because the doctor Chris got chortled at his weight – which was, uh, unexpected? My doctor didn’t have a chance to snort at my weight because he was too busy asking me why I was essentially blind. I tell him that I’m wearing my glasses (which are at about 3 prescriptions ago – so not current at all). I usually wear contacts but I was basically told to bring my glasses. Ohhhhh ohh, he laughs a little and maybe writes something down? I’m not sure how much of that translated or not.

Next up is the blood test. I give them my good arm but surprise! we weren’t allowed to drink water after midnight. Not sure why when you’re expecting blood and urine tests. So they had a hard time coaxing a vein out. But my class coordinator came by and took a picture of me getting blood drawn. I flashed a thumbs up! because unlike many here, we were apparently one of the few not afraid of needles. That fear spiked at about 12 years old and now I’m good to go.


Only now I have a really bad raised/hardened bruise – never gotten one so bad from a blood test before.


And … of course, Chris is good to go. There’s a reason I always blog, it’s because all the stuff happens to me.


hahaha, just kidding.

Afterwards we had to hold a tissue to our arm for five solid minutes. A good plan in theory, but Korea changes plans last minute, so pretty soon we were rushed into doing our urine sample. So, wiping the still flowing blood away one last time, we pulled our sleeves down and did our urine samples.

Enter the 1 hour wait to get chest xrays. There was a mens line and a womans line. And we all know who’s was going faster. Chris finished and went home, I waited in line for 45 more minutes before I could finally do it. They told us a bunch that they would be doing this and not to wear metal underwires, but people are not acting very considerate or smart these days so people had to change in and out of bras. I didn’t wear one because I actually read the directions in the book and posted on the wall.

I finished my xray and went back to the dorm. We still had another hour pretty much until lunch. The poor cafeteria was trying to cater to business people and to us so we were kept very far away from business food and business people. Our lunch? An interesting rice, spaghetti (which was astonishingly good, if not a little sweet), and breaded fish sticks. Carb town. But very Westernized and pretty freaking delicious after a 12 hour fast.

Afterward we began our lectures. We had an amazing first day- some of the most important lectures we’ll get this whole time – Lesson Planning 1 and Classroom Management. So while class 1 was doing Taekwondo, we were learning about lesson planning. Not even jealous of them. We’ll do Taekwondo tomorrow anyway.

Learning lesson planning now will give us more time to make our final lesson plan at the end of orientation. Our group is pretty confused about ours – its straight out of a Korean textbook which is concerning. It wants us to teach shopping terms, future tense and passive voice all at the same time. Someone want to explain how to do future tense but in a passive way? Also, not going to happen in a 45 minute class period (and only a 15 minute demonstration of our lesson, no sir). On top of all the strange focuses, some of the key vocabulary includes “green … magic  …. fair trade coffee.” Come to think of it, we actually wasted a lot of time today trying to figure out what parts of the strange unit we’re actually going to focus on.


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