Don’t ever come visit us – we would never wish that long of a flight on anybody

The flight was long and arduous. The whole trip was a huge pain but we are so excited to have arrived safely! All our bags arrived (hooray!!) but we had to hustle them around for hours and of course lift them up, down, around – so we both feel like we’ve been hit by trucks we are so very sore from the bags.

We finally got into our hotel around 11:30ish… so almost 6 am-ish Durango time. We had been up for 26 hours at that point. Then went to get some food and shower – so we had been awake for 28 hours by the time we finally went to bed. Only slept 6 hours – woke up before sunrise – damn you jetlag.

It’s not even noon on our first day. We’re already tired – the sleep to not sleep ratio is still very askew. So we took a break from exploring and we now sit on our bed at the hotel. Kaeti has a strawberry milk and Chris has a soda that tastes like sweetened toasted sesame seed (and/or possibly rice). Adventure!

We’ll put a more detailed post up chronicling our trip here and our first proper day later. For now, we just wanted to let friends and family know that we’re definitely here safe and not to worry.


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