The Journey Begins

Our general getting-to-Korea plan involves/ed driving, waiting, then flying. We had to drive from home, to Denver. Then wait one day, and finally fly out on Thursday.

Since I am writing this post from the safety of a Denver hotel, it’s safe to say we made it the first leg of our journey.

We finished some last minute packing yesterday morning, said some last goodbyes and were off. The drive was fine. Some snow drifts on the roads but no active snowing. Always important when you’re driving to Denver.


We drove straight to a Korean restaurant in Denver where mom got to enjoy some Korean food for the first time. We grilled meats at our table in traditional Korean fashion.

daegee together

Then we had a ceremonious cutting of the credit card. I’ve had a credit card attached to my mom’s account through college for emergencies, gifts, school supplies… whatever seemed appropriate. But for Korea we’re cutting ourselves off. Like the song says “I’m an adult” (a joke). But we’re trusting ourselves that if we can get into a mess, we can get out of one.

So we cut the card with Korean meat-cutting-scissors. Symbolism? Surely.


After dinner, we drove to our hotel.

Pulling our bags out of the car was surreal. Travel is always surreal, though. You sit down, get bored and within 5, 6, 9, 10+ hours you’re somewhere totally different. 8 hours from home, Denver isn’t all that different, yet it’s very different. People drive like asses, for one. But it doesn’t help that we’re now a little displaced. As we pulled the bags out, we realized this was all we had now – these things. Was it too much? Too little? Did we forget any thingsIf for some reason we have too many things, and had to get rid of some in an airport, what would happen? What could we get rid of?

Fortunately, as of today, at least, we haven’t gone looking for anything that we left at home. So we must have what we need – so far.

The best feeling, is being safe in the hotel. Nothing stupid happened en route. All of the things made it. A good start to the journey. We’re nervous about tomorrow – bags getting lost or being delayed. We did the online check-in and United gave us a strange message “one or more of your flights are overbooked, would you be willing to give up your seat for $100” Hell no. But an overbooked flight doesn’t sound good. I know we will not be the ones to get left out of that one.

We spent our last day in America just getting our kindles and ipod/music ready for tomorrow. We have a combined travel time of about 18 hours so we need our entertainment. Chris got a haircut. We went to Sonic for breakfast and Outback Steakhouse for dinner – all American eats right there. 

Tomorrow we’ll wake up at 4:30 and plan to be at the airport no later than 6 am. We’ll blog whenever we can but probably not until after we’re settled in Seoul.



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