A note on DHL in Colorado… or maybe all over much of the US?

So I’m not sure how many people don’t have DHL in their regions. Possibly many people, DHL seems to be a world shipper but you just never see DHL trucks roaming around in the US. Like the metric system and SIM carded phones, DHL is just something else that is not widely embraced here.

So we’re in a small town in Colorado. Not Denver, we’ll say. DHL does not exist in our neck of the woods AT ALL. We’re so small, we have a “DHL” but that’s the name of the flower shop illegally using the same name as DHL. But we’re so small that no one cares about the copyright infringement.

What should we name our flower shop? How about DHL? That’s a unique name!

Our recruiter sent our package through DHL – we almost emailed her to plead “but can’t you use someone else? maybe nice UPS, perhaps?” but I don’t think she would’ve cared. So we kept our fingers crossed.

We tracked it from Korea to Ohio (?) then to Denver.  Then the package was just stuck for 2 days in Denver. We finally made a call to DHL who said it had been “transferred to a 3rd party shipper.” What the hell does that mean?

USPS? UPS? FedEx? It wouldn’t tell us because it was an automated machine and there was absolutely no one to contact about

Our mail person (USPS) arrived so we interrogated her about if they ever delivered from DHL – “sometimes” was her answer. We did research online and no one could say. UPS/FedEX were our only guesses because we knew we needed to sign for the package – USPS doesn’t do signatures.

The worst part about it was because it wasn’t trackable, we didn’t know when or if we could leave the house. So we’ve spent an agonizing 4 days in our home afraid to miss our package. Flinching at any large vehicle, or any vehicle – could that be it? That Prius could be a 3rd party shipper… what if it is just one guy? One lone guy in his Subaru?

When we weren’t expecting it, a white van with a teeny tiny logo “American Courier” shows up at our house. They guy hangs his head out of the window to stare at our address, cigarette dangling out of his mouth. Some guy in just a t-shirt and shorts shows up with a clipboard. Not even one of those automated signature things that UPS/FedEx have. And  we’re one of only 8 names on the paper. This is a very small company, a company I’ve never heard of – and that, Virginia, is who the DHL 3rd party is – at least in our neck of the woods.

So if you ever lose your package to a 3rd party in … Not-Denver, Colorado, consider American Courier. They’re the courier-est.

Perhaps they are bigger than just Colorado, as a cursory look at google suggests:


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