While you’re waiting: Get Your Closet Ready

Besides the fact you may be leaving your closet behind (or abandoning it completely) – you also don’t want to be caught off guard when you’re finally ready to pack.

We think it’s nice to prepare your closet now so you can start thinking about packing later. Plus its a great time killer.

We sorted through our closet and all of our drawers, then we made a shopping plan.

5-bin system

We put out a few bins and then made other piles so we could just throw clothes at the piles -for rapid sorting, of course.

  1. Pack Now
  2. Ship to yourself (or pack later)
  3. Give Away
  4. Throw Away
  5. Unknown

1) Pack Now

Seems a little early but we are living in my old childhood room and thus have only so much space. It was really handy to pack clothes into suitcases now (we didn’t use compression sacks, just folded them and put them in the suitcase). So they’re out of our way and we won’t forget to pack anything later.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.18.58 PM

Examples: Cardigans and nice clothes we never wear on a daily basis. We actually live in the worst dressed town in America so we were able to pack quite a bit of things.

2) Shipping/Pack Later

If we’re still wearing it on a daily basis – we’re definitely going to pack it later. The pack later pile is more summer things and things that we can live without for a while. Since we’re a little worried about space in suitcases we made a shipping pile.

Examples: Shorts, t-shirts, everything for summer. If we end up with extra space in our bags (hopefully we will) we will just start packing out of the shipping pile. We plan on shipping some DVDs to ourselves later so we may as well leave a small box of summer clothes behind that will be shipped along with the DVDs (and probably some American candy).

3) Give Away

  • Anything we haven’t worn in a while.
  • Things that are too big or too small.
  • Things that won’t be appropriate in Korea
  • Things we’ve outgrown (fun graphic tees in college can look a little hopeless now)
  • As long as it’s in good shape we’re giving it away.

By the end of our sorting we had about 2 big trash bags of give away clothes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.04.13 PM

4) Throw Away

If something is out of shape it goes right into the trash. Other examples might be panties, swim suits (personal
things). Also threadbare things like socks.

5) Unsure-of Pile

This one sucks because you aren’t sure what will be good to wear teaching or for weekends in Korea. Then there’s always the problem of weight loss. Both of us lost a lot of weight in Germany and some of the things we can’t part with are our German clothes – they are sentimental and we also anticipate being able to fit into them after a few months in Korea. Maybe this is hopeless thinking but we don’t want to throw something away that we’ll want later.

This pile is almost the biggest. Which is why we will eventually try all of them on.

Ugh: trying everything on

If we’re unsure of something it needs to be tried on. But we also plan on trying many of our clothes on to see what will work together and what wont. Also this helps because it is making it clear that we are missing things in our wardrobes.

Missing? Really. Didn’t you just say you gave away two trash bags full of clothes?

Yeah. But from looking at our clothes we realized we didn’t have many basic or necessary items of clothes. I didn’t have any dresses. Chris didn’t have a matching pair of pants to go with his suit jacket. Most of our socks have holes. I don’t have any slip-on shoes.


If you find you’re missing anything in your closet, write it down somewhere obvious. We really lucked out because Maurices had a sale rack where all pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses were on sale for $3. I got many things I needed (and wanted) and apparently saved $97

Photo on 1-16-14 at 9.33 PM

Last Thoughts

This was a great time killer while we wait. We found out we were missing some critical items in our closet and it was the beginning of both moving out of our room and a beginning of the packing we’ll be doing in a month.

Plus! January is one of the best months to go shopping. So consider getting your closet in order so you can go get anything you need (or want).


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