Our documents are in!

Our documents are in and we are now in the exact same spot we were three months ago – we’re waiting for a placement. We applied really really early compared to everything that happened to us last time so we’re feeling really good. Also the furlough delayed other people (we finally got lucky!). So we’re thinking we were some of the first few people to submit documents compared to the very last people to submit documents for August.

Here’s the expected and estimated timeline

Mid-November: Recommendation to Daejeon MOE

Late-November ~ December: Placement Confirmation

I’m guessing around December 5th based on when emails were sent out last semester

 Mid-December ~ January: NOA issuance, VISA application

I’m guessing documents will be sent out between January 5th and 10th – based on last semester

 Mid-February: Flight to Korea

 (not for Seoul)  

2013 Orientation began Feb 20th (Wednesday)

2012 Orientation began Feb 20th (Monday)

2011 Orientation ~ Feb 17th (Thursday) 

Estimating around February 20th-21st for 2014 EPIK Orientation 


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