Full Speed Ahead

After preparing for 8 months and then waiting for about 8 more weeks we at least finally have an answer: no go. I would love to rant and rave about how everything would have worked out if the FBI would’ve actually tried and wouldn’t have lied about “reading prints manually” and all the BS they pulled. But I’m just going to end it there. Yes, it is completely because of the fingerprints/CBC that we aren’t there right now. We truly have been doing our paperwork since back in January, weeks and weeks and weeks before many people (who are currently in Korea right now) had even heard of EPIK. Apply early, they said. But sometimes that’s not enough.

Its super unfair. But we’ll leave it at that and move on.

So now what? We’re sticking with Korea.


Private Schools?

We’re really reluctant to do a private school. Every time we get interested in these private schools, or Hagwons, we find someone else’s blog or another cautionary tale that scares us back away. If we were to do a hagwon, we’re really trusting of Say Kimchi Recruiting – supposedly they check out the hagwons first to see if they’re okay. If things go really bad they’ll even try to represent you/work on your side to protect you from a bad hagwon. We’re keeping them in the back of our minds as…

Other Public School Options?!

Currently we’re applying with full force to every public school office of education out there. We had been mislead/misunderstanding of the whole EPIK thing. EPIK seemed to be a nationwide program that umbrella-ed over all the offices of education (OEs). This is not the case. Chungcheongnamdo, Jeollabuk, Jeollanam, Ulsan and Gyeongnam all have been hiring since about early August. They are all independent of EPIK. Some of them seem to have ongoing hiring or hire at strange times (Gyongnam appears to hire in May and November).  We’re applying to some, some aren’t hiring anymore. We’re not going to put too much out there until we know more.


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