EPIK’s Waiting List…

Our recruiter hasn’t said it directly but it’s pretty obvious we’re on a waiting list.We’ve tried to remain as patient as possible but we have emailed her a few different times to see what was going on and if their was anything we could do to increase our chances of being accepted.

We continually find that the most helpful page is EPIK’s Facebook page. Many people ask questions and almost every single one is answered by EPIK no matter how easy the answer could have been found on Google. It seems a few other people are as nervous as we are and couldn’t contain their questions any longer:

“What are the odds I’ll be teaching this upcoming semester when I’ve been put on a waiting list?”

We have a waiting list and are filling in positions as they open up, in the order documents were received. We cannot make any guarantees regarding the chances or likelihood of you being placed. EPIK does not overhire and if you have not received a position, you have not been hired either. We have hired enough people to fill our positions, but as there are always drop outs or new positions that open up, being on the waiting list is a still very viable option. Please remain patient in the meantime.

Our most recent email to our recruiter was to see if we could put ourselves into the late intake (meaning we would leave in September or October) OR see if they could place us easier if we could guarantee we would find our own apartment. Our rectuire replied that if we didn’t have an email by the end of the week we would automatically be placed into the late intake.

Recently, another person on EPIK Facebook asked a question:

“I am currently waiting for placement for the October intake but received and email that positions are full, is that true?”

Yes, as of now all positions for Fall 2013 are currently full. EPIK would not provide you with false information. As of now, we have a small waiting list going and are placing people as positions open up, in the order we’ve received them.

So that means that even the late intake is full. Everything is full. Today officially marks the point that our paperwork has been in for a month. We like to imagine that we are very high on the list because another blogger, That Time in Korea  ‘s documents were received the exact same day as ours. Its clear that because we are a couple that we are much harder to place but if I had to guess, we are essentially at the top of the waiting list.

I reached out for help on another platform to see exactly how late people had ever been rejected:

 I got my placement on the 29th of July last year [2012 intake]. It happens. There’s also late placement (people don’t show up and then they call you up)

I also found another blogger yakihito who was placed on the 30th of July (2010 intake)

Lastly, after doing a little more research it looks like all documents are due this Friday. Anyone who has a position but doesn’t have something like their diploma or other documents in will be automatically rejected. These bloggers above who have been placed so late probably got in due to this kind of rule.

Keeping our fingers infinitely crossed. We’re still making plans as if we’re going to be placed but we have a backup plan in mind. Either way we’re going up to Denver in a few days to go shopping for bags, teacher clothes, etc. We’ll figure this thing out. 화이팅! Fighting!!!


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