Still Waiting…

Against all odds  we got all of our documents together and they arrived in Korea on June 24th.

All we can do now is wait. We’re waiting for our NOA – the Notice of Appointment that an Office of Education somewhere in Korea wants us  still has positions open. Because let’s be honest: we applied really late in the game. While sitting around waiting for our apostilled diploma and CRC to return we got this email from our recruiter: 

I hope you can send me your package by 27th of June, next Thursday, as EPIK said they would close their door after June 28th.

Please hurry to complete your documents and send them to Korvia ASAP! Time’s running out!


So it’s good that we got our paperwork in on the 24th. Still its unnerving to see everyone (other bloggers) with NOAs. We’re almost 100% sure we won’t get our top choice of Daejeon. No heartbreaks there but metropolitan positions seem long gone. On June 26th EPIK said on their Facebook page

Unfortunately it is already almost 5 months into the application term so positions in Seoul and most metropolitan cities are already full.

However EPIK was still interviewing people for positions at that time too. We’ll be happy anywhere in Korea, we just really want to go. What is concerning is that many people are getting NOAs from smaller provinces. It just seems as though they would place everyone in Seoul, then the metropolitan places then the bigger provinces, etc… It just feels like they are going to run out of open spaces soon.

Our recruiter is being awefully quiet about the status of the NOAs. I know they haven’t placed everybody yet but it feels like we’ll be the last people to be placed. Or there won’t be any positions for couples. For now we will continue to check our email religiously early every morning. Hopefully really soon we’ll get good news.


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