Sites to get you started with EPIK

Application processes, addresses and any information can change. Use these only as an initial guide and always double check before sending anything off. Feel free to post major differences you find in the comments, we’ll try to keep it updated.

How to Apply

Where to Go?

If you’re given the option to list a province or a metropolitan city, here are a few links to help you decide.

EDIT: 2014 – You can now leave it blank


If you only read two articles about teaching/schools in Korea, these seem to be the best

Everything you should know about Korean students but were too lazy to google by Scroozle. This article has been passed around quite a bit on the tumblrsphere. A list of 14 things you should know about your Korean students, from motivation, suicide, and why they are great to teach.

Cultural Taboos and Native English Teachers in South Korean Public Schools – by Kimchi Icecream. He’s been in South Korea for 5 years – here he blogs about 14 common things that frustrate the NET, an idea of what’s going on from your school’s persepective, and some ideas of how to handle the problems



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